Who we are

11 10 2007

Justin and Ryan, brothers born in South Africa, have been racing 49er’s competitvely since 2005. This is a blog about our experiences from racing on the 49er Olympic circuit, to training on the waters surrounding Britain. We have plenty of stories to tell, and plenty of time to tell them. But first, before the fun begins, we’ll start with a little bit of history.

The team has been racing together since late 2006. Justin, 19, is currently studying Civil Engineering at Southampton University. Sailing has been his passion from an early age, and from the offset he has impressed coaches and competitors alike with his flair for racing and his never-say-die attitude. Justin has tasted success at the highest levels in Youth sailing, having won the 2004 Youth World Championships in the 29er dinghy in San Francisco. Since 2004, he has been a member of the GBR Olympic transitional sailing squad in the Olympic 49er.

Ryan, 23, spent his childhood sailing anything he could get his hands on. After a number of victories in the Laser Radial and Laser 3000, he graduated to the 49er Olympic dinghy in 2004. After competing at the 2005 49er European and World championships, along with numerous Olympic grade 1 events, Ryan teamed up with Justin to campaign towards the 2012 Olympics in London.

The final member of the team is team manager Bryan. Bryan, a South African National Champion, has been managing the boys sailing careers since they were young. Bryan’s managerial and organisational skills contributed hugely to Justin’s Youth World Championships victory, and have given the team a strong backing in all campaigns.




2 responses

14 10 2007

I am really impressed! Happy to see this blog and waiting to see more of it! I am always impressed to see people follow their passions and develop their skills and gifts! Well done!:)

14 10 2007

Thanks for the comment. We’re going to keep his blog as exciting as possible. Lots of news, pictures, videos etc. Keep reading!

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