We need a pit crew

14 10 2007

After the breakages we had last weekend, we decided to devote two days to getting the boat back into race shape.  It’s amazing how a boat can last through months of training, but break during the first race of an event.

Having had our foils stolen a few weeks ago, we needed to check the new ones fitted and were lined up nice and straight.  We then went and check all fittings, lines and rigging, to be doubly sure that nothing would break.  Finally, we washed and polished her up and then tucked her in for the week.

Saturday evening, we watched England kick France out of the World cup, and head to the final.  Any sportsman in the world can watch england Play rugby and learn a lot.  You’re only as good as your last match / race / event, and although england have been written off from the start, they never stopped believing in themselves.  What a game, I now need to go and lie down…

So that sums up our weekend.  Boat prep.  Yes I know, we would have given anything to go sailing, but when we only get two days a week for the campaign, we occasionally have to do the boring stuff.  One day, in many years to come, when people finally realise the potential of sailing as a spectator sport, we will have high profile grand prix’s, spectators lining the course (in boats of course…) and pit crews to pimp our rides.  One day…

For us, we’re planning to go full time in 2010.  For now, we need to build results over the 2008 season.  Short term, next week is the second RYA National Ranker event in Weymouth.  We’ll keep you posted.




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