Sailing footage and an update

12 11 2007

So we took our patented camera rig out for a spin on Sunday. I’m editing it tonight, so it will be available this evening. the breeze varies from very light to about 10 knots. We range from a full on crouch-a-thon, to twin wiring and depowering, with a gybe drop thrown in for good measure. Let us know what you think. (More video to come, next time it’s breezy)

Jus is currently writing the second part of his 29er 2005 Worlds review, and that will be available shortly. in the meantime, I’ve added a few pictures of them sailing in San Fran on to our flickr account.

If you want frequent updates to our site ported straight to your desktop, then set-up an RSS feed. Give it a shot, what have you got too lose, apart from your social life…

See you soon!

Video image 1




2 responses

14 11 2007

Pretty cool! Well done the Team! I have not seen you sail this close up for months!

16 11 2007

Hi there,

check my blogroll!;) And the Pudsey:)

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