Can’t do that with an iPhone!

13 11 2007

We’ve just added a video taken over the weekend. To film our training session, we used a Nokia N95 in a water-proof case (thanks to James Burland from Nokia Creative for that idea). After building a bit of a rig attached to the back of the boat, we hit the water for our usual weekend training session. As you can see from the short clip the camera worked out really well. (Although the image is a little white, that’s due to the water proof case getting all salty.) We’ve not yet tested it in any breeze, so that will be the next step.

All in all, it’s a great idea. The N95 was a kick ass device for this, and we’re going to use it loads on the water in the future. As the title suggests, no way could you do this with an iPhone! We’ll take more footage next time theres decent wind, and will post that up then.

Beat that Steve Jobs!!




6 responses

14 11 2007

Thats good quality for a phone!
Get some footage when its howling it’ll be awesome
Whens the part 2 of San Fran ready?

14 11 2007

The video is actually much higher quality in real life but was adjusted to a lower resolution by the video player. I’ll see if I can change that.

Part 2, aka “the difficult second series”, is being written by Jus now. He’s got a lot of info to put into only a few words, so we are currently working to get it perfect. Obviously, when I start writing they’ll come thick and fast, but Jus is concentrating on crafting a Tolkien-esque story of epic proportions. We can’t rush the true storytellers of our age, so we’ll just have to be patient. Having said that, I’ll give him a kick for you..


14 11 2007
James @ Nokia Creative

Superb!! And thanks so much for the mention and link. Looking forward to seeing more soon. (^_^)

14 11 2007

Next video will be from a head mounted N95. We just need to figure out how to attach it. Might just have to gaffer tape my head..

15 11 2007

Hmm link seems not to work for me, i’m using firefox, could that be why?

15 11 2007

Should be working now. Sorry, my mistake.


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