Big wind sailing with a head mounted N95

2 12 2007

Ok, as promised, I’ve uploaded the footage taken last weekend with my N95 strapped to Justin’s head. Although he looked like he was part of the Borg (or some sort of wetsuit clad robot…), with a bright red light on his forehead, we didn’t let this hold us back as we went out in big winds for some survival practice. Hope you enjoy the video. We enjoyed making it, I think. I can’t remember much.. Oh, and yes, the N95 survived… just…

Thanks again to James Burland for the idea.



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2 12 2007

youve gotta get some footage with the kite, and without the music so we ca hear the “banter”
did you have the board up a few inches? Is it a good idea to lift the board a little in the 29er when its blowing?
nice pitchpole btw!

2 12 2007

Yeah don’t worry we’ll get some lighter wind stuff! Hopefully some good footage in about 15 knots.

Yeah the board was up about 6 inches in that stuff. And yeah it’s a very good idea to do it in the 29er too, as soon as you feel the boat “tripping up” or going sideways instead of forwards with the main flogging. This will be in about 20-22 knots plus. Lift it at first about 2-3 inches then more and more!

Yeah that pitchpole hurt…


3 12 2007

Thanks about the board stuff should help us out a bit!
Its pretty good footage for a phone Ive gotta say and its entertaining stuff so if you can get some more then do!

3 12 2007

Ouch! Justin quote of ‘Oh I almost died’ pretty much summed that up!

3 12 2007

We had to put music over the top to blank out the language… Jus sails best in the breeze when he’s screaming obscenities. If he’s being rude, I know he’s psyched up!

3 12 2007
James @ Nokia Creative

Wow! The N95 was born for this kind of thing!

Great video – more please. (^_-)

3 12 2007

Wow! I loved the last few minutes and the pitchpole! I am sorry that you did not have a few minutes of you practising swimming!

5 12 2007
dinosaur fact

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7 12 2007

Is the next part of San Fran almost ready?
I want to know what happened next!

12 12 2007

Jus is working on it now, but he’s trying to finish his coursework first. It’ll be up as soon as possible! Thanks for the interest.

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