14 01 2008

Is this the most boring blog title ever?  Yes that’s right, I’m going to tell you all about transport.  But without any events to talk about, this is your lot…

Team Visser, for the past few years, have been rocking up to the evnts in style.  In our pimped out black Chrysler Voyager with tinted windows, alloys, and electronic doors we’d drive into the boat park.  Sunglasses, windows rolled down and hip-hop (well, a badly scratched mix CD of all you favourite thrash metal tracks) blaring, and a general look of ghetto gave the feeling that we were taking part in a “tow your boat to a drug deal day”.   Oh yes, this is a look sported at sailing clubs around the world.  That thing would make a gangsta drool, it was so “fly”.  We loved our Chrysler Voyager, yet it’s time to move on.  After finally plucking up the courage, we put her on the market and now she’s sold.  To a family who will use her for everything she’s designed for.  Proper drive by’s and drug dealing, not just pretend…

All though it looked great, driving that thing with two 49ers on the back always left you with one thought.

“Any second now, we’ll either break down, or have to fill up…”

It’s a constant fear we faced every event.  Having to stop at every petrol station for gas was a total pain, but the imminent breakdowns were worse.  Driving the 1000 miles to Palma in 2007, we broke down 20 miles outside of Dover.  After missing the ferry, we blew £1000 on hiring a Ford transit for 2 weeks and drove through the night to Palma, maxing out at no more than 40 mph and generally cursing the god of Chrysler.

This weekend we’re picking up our spanking new Ford Transit, ready for 2008 and the hellish Southampton – Mallorca drive, and much more enjoyable Southampton – Holland and Kiel treks later in the summer.  2008 looks to be a good year already.

On a final note, if anybody is walking the streets of London on a dark night and sees a blacked out Chrysler Voyager crawling towards them with the side windows rolled down and pistols drawn, don’t worry, it’ll break down before it gets to you…



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