Tiger Trophy 2008

4 02 2008

Why is it that, every time we’ve pitched up at Lymington and it’s been howling with wind, I’ve been healthy.  Every time sailing is called off due to adverse weather conditions, lack of a van or evil mongese (don’t ask), I’ve been healthy.  Yet, the day before the first event of the year, I’m in pieces with some sort of killer man flu?  Typical.

 So, after spending a weekend prepping the boat and getting ready for the spring events, and spending the week in anticipation, Friday arrives and I’m greeted with a bad case of the “I wish I was dead” ‘s.  We had to miss the Tiger Trophy, and although it hardly ranks as 2008’s most important event, it’s actually one of my favourites.  The lack of pressure and format of 3 handicap races followed by a pursuit race is fantastically enjoyable, so I was completely gutted to miss out.  Oh well, roll on the next event.Sorry to anyone we promised to meet up with, and sorry to Dave Hall for lugging our new mast all that way to find us AWOL.

 Ryan P.s. New years resolution: Write more blog posts.  Sorry for being slack… 



3 responses

4 02 2008

Thats why I couldnt find you! getbetter mate! it was seriously cold my crew got taken in with hypothermia- cant get the crews these days

9 02 2008

he’s being a wuss… it was probably just a runny nose… MAN UP RYAN!

Oh and evil mongese???????

10 02 2008

Like I said, don’t ask…

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