Palma 2008

25 02 2008

Ok, firstly, sorry for being pathetic and not writing anything for awhile.  Work has been busy and yada yada…no time… blah blah..really sorry…do better next time… (heard it all before?)

Anyway, we have one training weekend left before shipping out to Palma for the Princess Sophia.  I’ll be taking my laptop and will be writing daily updates on our progress, the weather, number of hot models lying around on the beach while we are rigging up, and other insightful stories.

We drive out on the 10th of March, so check back in from then on to:

A: See if we made it all the way to Barcelona without crashing.

B: See if we made it all the way to Barcelona without being pulled over by the Rozzers (French Police don’t like us.  Neither do the Spanish for that matter… Hmm..)

Luckily our Dad (General manager, motivational expert (FLAT BOAT), financer, driver, boat prep expert and all around legend) will be driving with us, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.  God help the Rozzers though..

We’ll be staying in our parents house in Mallorca for a bit of glamorous post race chill outs and free food.  (Thanks again to them for accomodating us and putting up with out general tom-foolery/demands for instant tea and Pasta).

Right, off to Palma.  Rock on!




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