New mast

25 03 2008

A few weeks ago, before the whole South Africa thing kicked off, we recieved our new mast. Although we’ve both sailed the 49er for 3 or 4 years, we’ve never sailed with a spanking new mast, and have used our currwent mast solidly for over a year now. After spending a few hours setting it up, we took her out for a spin.

To be honest, the difference was incredible. Our old mast felt a little floppy, reacted badly to gusts and didn’t hold its leech very well in medium conditions. We were constantly taking on a bag full of kicker to close the leech off, and had to run with tighter caps to stop the tip falling off. As you can imagine, this made the boat very jerky through the gusts and difficult to sail. However, we only realised this after putting on the new mast.

With the new mast on, we could sail the boat flatter through the gusts and lulls, tacking was massively improved with more power early on, and we could sail with far less cap tension. It was pretty damn amazing to see the difference.

We’ll be taking the new stick out this weekend to bed her in a bit and pick up some decent settings. All we need now is a name. “Death rod” perhaps? Maybe “The witching stick”. suggestions on a 49er shaped post card please, made out to Mr “I’m taking the piss so don’t send me a postcard please”.




3 responses

25 03 2008

nite stick?

26 03 2008

Ha I like it!

17 07 2009

is capsize recovery also easier with the carbon rig? easier to sail?

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