Glam sailing on Sunday

1 04 2008

We finally managed to hit the water after our long enforced absence. Saturday looked like England had severely pissed off the weather gods (I heard it was something to do with a girlfriend, that’s the rumour going round) and all hell was breaking loose. We decided to hit Lymington early Sunday morning, and were greeted with sun and heat (for England) yet no wind.

Our boat was fully packed up ready for the drive to Palma (and I mean fully packed and wrapped up), so we spent the next 2 hours putting her back together and sticking up our beautiful new mast. And yes, I love it more than my girlfriend, just don’t tell her…

On cue, the wind picked up to around 12 knots and we hit the water for an epic 3 hour sail in the sun. Although we didn’t have a training partner (they’re all getting destroyed in big wind and waves in Palma), we made up for it with gut busters, 360’s, downwind 360’s, hundreds (it felt like hundreds) of gybe drops and basically just polished our boathandling up to where it was pre-Palma.

We’re now back in work for the week (uni for Jus), ready for next weekend. Peace out..




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