Inappropriate conversations

2 04 2008

Jus and I sometimes find ourselves deep in long rambling conversations about economics, business, politics, structural engineering and so on. Basically, anything we know nothing about, but still think we can argue over it would do. The only issue is, we tend to get drawn into these discussions whilst in inappropriate situations. Sunday afternoon, I started a conversation with Jus about the structural integrity of concrete and whether it is affected by altitude (no idea why, although since then I’ve decided not to build a house on a jumbo jet…). Halfway through, I’d just made a strong counter argument (“dude, a ton of feathers is never lighter than a ton of bricks, no matter how high up it is”) when we stopped and realised where we were.

“Err, dude, you might want to head up to dodge that ferry”

We were screaming along on a tight reach in 15 knots of breeze, twin wiring and sailing through heavy traffic to get back to Lymington.

“Perhaps we should continue this later on, eh?”

“Yup, good idea.”

[Awkward silence]

“Did you see that guy on the ferry, waving frantically at us? What an idiot..”

“Dude I think he was the Captain”




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