Musto saves the day

2 04 2008

Just thought I’d write a post in regard to the recent toe-loops discussion going on in Yachts and Yachting forums.  A few people have expressed concern over the possibility of breaking ankles when feet get stuck in toe-loops.  We had a similar experience recently, but due to our kit, we managed to avoid injury.

We were sailing from Lymington on another windy Autumn Sunday in big wind against tide waves.  Coming in after a long session on a deep reach, Jus was locked into the toe loops and I was wiring without.  As we slid down a wave, it spiked up and slammed into me. I was thrown back and hit Jus, who fell off the back of the rack and was hung up by his foot.  The boat capsized, which should have left Justin hanging with a broken ankle, suspended from the toe-loop.  Luckily, his foot slipped out of the boot, preventing injury.  The boot stayed in the toe-loop whilst Jus walked away uninjured.

I’ve used many different boots before the Musto’s, and many have been difficult to get on due to the grip of the rubber, and likewise difficult to get off.  I’m not sure what Musto did to their boots, but they did a great job in slipping off of Justin’s foot and avoided a long winter out of sailing.  Inside.  In the warm. Without cold water or wind.  And TV.  Damn it Musto, why must you be so good?


 Musto Performance Dinghy Boot




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