Weekend tuning

23 04 2008

I just thought I’d write a quick update on the weekends sailing.

Saturday was blown off. Although the conditions would have been sailable from venues such as Weymouth, it was far too dodgy sailing out in 20+ knots from Lymington, so we made the decision to spend the day boat prepping.

Sunday dawned bright with 15 knots of breeze so we hit the water with our training partners Rich Mason and Tom Peel. After a short warm up, we decided to try to tune our new mast up against Rich and Tom. They’ve just got back from the euros so their boat handle was a good step above ours. Due to this, we assumed they would out pace us on the tuning run. Not so. We had great pace, managing to hold level with them when in a lee-bow position, and then point higher and faster when below. The new mast is an absolute ripper so we are over the moon.

In the boat handling drills, Rich and Tom had the upper hand. Although they are still fairly new to the boat, they have come on leaps and bounds this winter and beat us in the gut busters. However, I managed to pull a muscle in my neck which slowed us down a fair bit. Hopefully I’ll be fit for Saturday but we’ll have to wait and see.





4 responses

23 04 2008

I sailed with Toms brother on saturday! small world!

3 05 2008

Awww poor neck Ryan 😛

26 06 2009

Taking delivery of our new rig next week just in time for the Worlds in Garda. It is going to be a bit of a rush to set it up and practise. Do you have any top tips for tuning, rig tensions, base settings etc from your sailing in it so far. Any info gratefully received since time is of the essence!
Cheers, Rupes

27 06 2009

Best bet is to get some basic numbers from someone else who’s already sailing it. I’ve heard that it’s not as tweaky as the old rig, so you need to get on the water and see how it feels. Try to get a training partner out with you, but the last resort is to get to garda and buy someone from your country a beer in exchange for some basic rig settings.

Good luck 🙂

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