Back in the saddle

6 05 2008

So after a week of having a physio pull my neck apart, we decided to give it a shot and hit the water saturday morning.  After a much drawn out warm-up whilst Jus rigged up, we launched into 12 knots and sunny skies.

Thankfully my neck held out and we had a decent 2 hour session.  Towards the end the breeze picked up to nearly 15 knots so we ended up having an awesome sunny day sailing.

Once we got home, we had a quick pasta dish and jumped on the bikes for an hour and twenty minute 25 mile fitness ride.  Needlesss to say, by the time we srrived home and had dinner, we were knackered….

Sunday brought light and flukey winds.  After standing around for an hour moaning about the weather gods, we decided to re-grip the boat in time for next weeks event in hayling Island.  Three hours later we were suitably grippy, packed away and loaded ready for Hayling.  We headed back to Hythe and went for another fitness ride, this time for an hour.

Great weekend, loads of fitness and some sailing.  Lovely!




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