Daily training

9 05 2008

Due to our lack of competition recently, I’ve not had a whole lot to write about.  We’re in Hayling island tomorrow for an event, so I’ll give an update tomorrow afternoon.

To fill the gap, I’m going to give a run down of my weekly fitness program.  If you have any comments or suggestions, give me a shout.

Monday: Depending on the level of sailing on the weekend, I will either aim for a heavy weights session (if Light winds on Sunday) or a long ride (if strong winds).  I generally aim for a day off on Monday if we ripped it on the weekend.

Tuesday: 45-60 minute bike ride at sub-lactate levels.  Heavy weights session in afternoon: Biceps, chest and quads

Wednesday: 45-60 minute cycling at sub-lactate levels in morning.  Rest until afternoon.  25 minute lactate threshold ride at 180 bpms.

Thursday: Heavy weights session: Triceps, Back and shoulders

Friday:  45 minute cycle at sub-lactate levels.  If competing on Saturday, afternoon off.  if training, heavy weights session on chest, biceps and legs.

Saturday: No competition? Then training (3 hours on water) follwed by 1 hour 20 minutes cycle.

Sunday:  No competition?  3 hours training followed by 1 hour cycle.



One response

1 06 2016
Tommy russell

Hi all
I’m 27 96kg and 5ft10 Tommy russell
I’ve only been sailing now for about a year and started crewing with my father-in-law. We sail a rs800 what I love by the way and have been told by a lot of people that im doing really well and say I have picked it up really quick. We have just brought a 49er and I just found out that I have to control the main sheet just wondering if anyone has any tips or any pointers at all and anything to help with my fitness cheers

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