6 06 2008

I’ve tried all kinds of training for sailing. Running is like watching dust dry, swimming is as enjoyable as juggling with bricks (wearing a blindfold) and don’t get me started on the “I’ll play rugby to get fit” (ok, I learned how to get punched in the face, which is a useful skill for sailing occasionally, but it’s tricky sailing with a broken back…). Sure, I hear you cry (or mutter), sailing is the best fitness for sailing, but I’ve got a business to run during the day…

So what’s the answer? Cycling. Over the winter, i was running 4 days a week for around 45 minutes at a time. Watching the seconds tick by was torture, and 45 minutes seemed to last a liftime.  Picking up cycling though has opened my eyes. A two hour ride flashes past in an instant, and I just can’t get enough. Sure, I’m now adding more carbon to my bike then you find on a stealth plane (costing me a fortune) but it’s all worth it when I hit the water in breeze and don’t even feel the pace.

Seriously, if you want to get fit then get a bike. If you want to improve the whole “how to wear a gum shield when I have no teeth for it to stick to” technique, then play rugby. Just whatever you do don’t take up running instead. Like a retarded midget, it’s not big and it’s not clever. (I’m going to hell for that joke…)




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8 06 2008

Seeing you write an article titles “Riding” arouses me! I remember when you used to leave the office to go for a run, never looked like a happy time mate!

Instead of upgrading your bike, buy a new one and sell your current one to me for cheap…

8 06 2008

Yeah I hated running, so much. Especially when Mike rowe took me out and destroyed me. that was a low point in my life, but i guess he ran the London marathon the following week, so i shouldn’t feel too bad.

Oh, and if ou pay me £1000 for the bike, I’ll let you have it 🙂

14 06 2008

hey im new to this site. my buddy and i just bought a 49er so i have been reading up and watching videos repeatedly for the last few weeks! this site is a lot of help! brutal joke btw. anyways, my buddy dan and i live in minnesota and sail on lake minnetonka, lets just say were the first skiffs in the midwest! we have alot of dinghy expierence but wow is this 49er overwhelming! we probably should have gotten a 29er first but what ever. we took the 49er out the other day in light to no breeze and was suprised how how good we did, only tipped over 2 times! then went out a few days later in like 10-15 mph and got our ass’s handed to us. tore two sails, broke some blocks, found out the there were holes in the track that you were supposed to use(not just tighten the screws for the wings!) well anyways i had a few little questions now that weve been out. what do you guys use for main and jib sheets? our jib sheet is a shitty old line that twists up and was not long enough for the skipper to hold onto well on the trap. also the main sheet was way to thick and maybe to short. im guessing both are going to have to go but we have no idea what to replace them with. thanks for this site, it really has been a ton of help!


16 06 2008

made it out again today… tore the main a bit, little stretch in spinnaker, and tiller extension broke! over all pretty good. it was the first time we got the kite up and sailed in anything over 5! the wind got up to about 16 mph but between puffs was only around 8-10 but felt good.

16 06 2008

Hey! sorry for the late reply.

Ok here’s the quick answer to all of your rope worries. Rather than explaining it myself, have a look at chris Draper’s site: http://teamdraperandhiscocks.com/TipsandAdvice/49ersheetspecs/tabid/154/Default.aspx
They have all the specs for ropes etc.

Anyway, once the boat is set up properly, the main thing to do it to keep her flat. Check out YouTube for some film of guys sailing it, to see how you’re supposed to do it. Finally, if I was you I’d stick some aluminium tillers on so you can’t break them (or bamboo…) and just get as much time in the boat. Keep her flat, communicate and let me know how it goes. Once you’ve got her sailing well, I’ll tell you what you need for the next step.

Good luck!

16 06 2008

sweet il look forward to it. we were going to go out today again but i got a horrible sunburn taking a boat out of the lake yesterday and i didnt want to have that damn trap harness on my burnt shoulders! me and my buddy are some pretty expierences dinghy sailors and we know how to train hard so were hoping to take this to the 49er and learn as quick as we can the basics so we can get into some more technical fun stuff. im thinking if we are practice 2-3 times a week for a few hours each we will be ready for a regatta by fall maybe. looking at a smaller race in chicago maybe? then over the winter we want to get the boat down to florida and fly down there at least 2 times to do some winter practice. we are working on getting some local sponsors so we can get the boat working how we want but i cant wait to go the our first race.

thanks a ton and i hope to keep in touch with you guys.


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