Ready for Kiel

19 06 2008

So the boat’s packed up, van’s loaded and full of diesel (only £120 worth.  Bloody tax) and ready to go.  I’ve even packed my cricket bat to let me continue to practice the new Kevin Pietersen reverse pull shot (only to get promptly hit in the nuts).

It’s only a 7 and a half hour drive from Calais, and my Dad’s kindly offered to come along for the drive to hang out with the boys.  It’ll be great to see him as I don’t get to catch up with him much these days.  I’m sure he’ll help time fly by with endless stories of sailing around Cape Town, doing the crazy boat stuff they used to (generally involving sharks, BIG winds, waves, long distances, sharks, lobster diving and a healthy dosage of shark).  Either way, it’ll be great to have a second driver, even if he does continually remind me to keep two hands on the wheel and not to shout at other drivers because they are French…

Next stop, ze Germans..



4 responses

20 06 2008

Good luck!

23 06 2008

Remember… “if you’re now first…you’re last!”

“Shake and Bake Baby!”

Good luck dude!

27 06 2008

hey, back again! me and my buddy got out a few times since the last time i posted here and are happy with the progress we are making on the 49er. upwind is a breeze(hehe), we still have a long way to go but we can handle winds up to 15-20 mph easily and by easy i mean we dont tip over! then downwind we were having some trouble. getting the kite to fill gave us alot of problems but at the end of it we found that the skipper has to be steering and anticipating alot more what the boats going to do. also not to easy with no experience. anyways we were having trouble with the apparent wind when the boat would accelerate. we found you had to trim and come up right after the set to fill the kite, then ease a bunch when the luff pups on the kite, then when the boat finally gets on a plain just square like crazy and ease otherwise the kite will callapse because of the apparent wind going forward. i hope im making sence here! when we get the boat rolling with the kite though we feel pretty dialed. gybes are still a bit rough but we didnt get much practice because our spin halyard broke. what kind and length of spin halyard do you guys use? im thinking that ours was horribly to short because when pulling the kite up i can only use small pulls otherwise i pull on the retrievel side of the line. another quick question if thats cool, we need to figure out some sponsorship stickers for the sails and hull. we have no idea where to look to get some stickers that could hold up to the beating of the wind and water. we have had a tender out taking video every miinute of practice so im hoping to chop some video up now and put some clips on youtube if your interested. thanks alot for any help. good luck at kiel week!


30 06 2008

Not sure what stickers we use. We’ve got a few on our sails and they all seem to stay on no matter what. Just make sure the sail isn’t salty when you stick them on and it’ll be fine.

Yeah you need a longer spinny halyard. When the kite is in the bag, the halyard should go from the halyrad cleat on the deck, all the way to the back of the boat to the rudder gantry, then forward to the spinny sock. Any shorter and you’ll have problems.

Cool, stick the videos on youtube then send me a link.

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