Kiel Week day 2

22 07 2008

So day 2 was an awful day for us.  The breeze was slightly higher than day one, and we just couldn’t manage to get the boat going all day.  It was offshore from day 2 onwards, so it was gusty and shifty, which didn’t help us finding the groove, but all in all we just sailed badly.  It wasn’t until the final race that we finally figured it out and hit the groove, but by then, after 4 races, it was too late and we ended with 3 bad scores.

On the final run of the 3rd race, we gybed on the layline and dropped to the knots to finish.  With about 100 metres to go (we were absolutely flying, in around 18 knots and slightly below the layline), we heard a massive bang.  After a few second of desperately checking the rig, everything seemed ok.  We finished, and dropped the kite.  I did a quick check of the rig, to discover that the shackle holding the spinny block to the top of the mast had exploded.  Great, one more race and we’ve just lost our spinny block.  Without a support RIB, we had to capsize and spend 10 minutes tying a new block to the mast tip.  Luckily we finished with about a minute to go before the next sequence, and got to the start line in time.

So day two dropped us into the silver fleet.  We had set out to pick up 4 top 14 results which would put us in gold, but a bit of inexperience and lack of racing this year meant that we had to spend the rest of the week in silver fleet.  Still, silver fleet is always pretty good quality (well, the top half is) so we packed up and went to prepare for tomorrow.




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