Powerbars! Ho!

29 07 2008

So during big events, we can be competing for 4 races, each lasting 45 minutes each. During each race, when it’s breezy, I average a heart rate of between 160 and 180 beats per minute, and have to work hard all the way round the course. Sailing is one of those sports where “social loafing” is not possible. Unlike sports such as football and rugby, I can never say to myself “right, I need a rest, I’ll take it easy for a bit and let others take the slack…”. When you’re racing a 49er, you can never rest your arms, so when tiredness sets in, you’re in trouble.

One major area we have worked on later is nutrition. It’s not enough to eat a past meal each night and some cornflakes. You’ll never get round the course. You need to be eating between each race, and it is here that we have made one of the biggest gains. Before, we would take out bananas, chocolate bars or cereal bars, and yet I’d always feel lethargic going into the last race.

However, we recently bought a big bag of Powerbars (Powerbar Performance stage 1, to be exact), and have been pretty surprised by their effect. We’re now going through them at about 4 or 5 each per race day, and have had far more energy during and after racing, better concentration levels and more motivation. We’ve started taking them cycling as a mid way energy boost and again have been surprised at how easy they are to digest (no stomach cramps) and how quickly the energy hits your limbs. It’s been such a huge boost to our sailing, being able to train for much longer without needing a decent meal or longer rest stops.

So the moral of the story? If you want to sail just as well at the end of the day as you did at the start, get some Powerbars.




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29 07 2008

No way, you need a powerbar?:)

30 07 2008

Im sorry but i HATE powerbars! What we eat on our A scow during race days is cliff bars, for some reason the guy running the program says there better for you, i can get some details on that later if you want. Also we eat these gel packs called Hammer Gels and there actually pretty good! Taste like apple pie. The advantage of the Hammer Gels is you do not get that lump in your stomach feeling after eating a brick of compressed sawdust but yet you get a few hundred calories from it. On really hard race days il down a Hammer Gel and a Cliff Bar between each race! I wouldnt add up the calories and stuff but i notice a HUGE difference in energy. Its so awesome though when you find something that worksfor you ya know. Last year i did the Orange Bowl regatta in miami and sailed some of the longest races i had ever sailed in some of the most harsh conditions i have ever sailed with on the water unchs.(NO BREAK ALL DAY!) We had no tender to give us food so just these little things that you can bag up or put in your life jacket are awesome.

30 07 2008

i hope they taste better than they look! what flavours have you tried? Im thinking of getting some for the nationals

31 07 2008

The new Performance ones are the best. the berry flavor is amazing, as is the citrus smoothie. I wasn’t a fan of the earlier ones, but the latest performance ones tast so much better, and aren’t dry.

31 07 2008

i havent tried the new ones i guess. *hop in car and go to store!*

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