Back from the gym

20 08 2008

Just got back from a 2 hour workout:

30 minute high intensity cycle at 300 watts and 180 bpm.

Heavy weights (chest, arms, shoulders)

loooong stretch session to cool down.

Anyway, in the weights room I got thinking between sets about a few things.  Firstly, why am I standing in a room full of muscly sweaty guys?  This is not a good look…

Secondly, why is it that I’m the smallest guy in here?  I’m 6 foot and 83kg, with not much body fat, and yet I’m about 50 kg smaller than EVERY other guy!  It can be pretty disconcerting when you’re looking up at 10 stacked skin head Polish guys with biceps the size of fat chicks as they wait for you to finish using the bench.  Now, what got me thinking was, even though these guys are stacked, they can’t actually lift that much more weight than I can.  I think it must be something about the way the train (or the bullshark hormones they inject) that means that they have massive bulk but little strength in comparison.  I mean, although they have arms that could strangle an elephant, I was still bicep curling more than them, with ease.

I think that sailing gives you a hell of a lot of arm strength, and also builds the stabilising muscles around your shoulders to allow you to generate the power needed.  When these guys (who practically live in the gym) are curling 20kgs, and the little guy is curling 28kgs, it seems like they are missing something in their training.  My opinion?  Simply lifting weights will never get you fit for sailing and will only ever build Hollywood muscles rather than all over core strength, and will also mean that you spend your life looking at muscly Polish guys more than your girlfriend…




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21 08 2008

Hey maybe they like looking at muscly polish guys! I think your right about the training too, i believe gym training is not really targeted at performace, more just for looks, but if you are an athlete like yourself, its an easy access supliment to your real training.

5 09 2008

Core Strength can very easily be obtained from lifting weights. I think Bench Pressing is completely pointless for sailing, arm curls – yea thats probably pretty good.

Core Strength is obtained from Olympic Lifts… look into it – maybe you should make sure you have an appropriate program?

6 09 2008

Bench presses are useless for sailing? That’s totally not true. One of the KEY ingredients for a gym program is balance. If you train one group of muscles, you need to train the opposing group to support your joints. If all I ever did was pull things, my anterior deltoids and pectorals would be too weak to counteract the traps, lats and posterior deltoids etc and could result in injury. furhtermore, building up your pecs and deloids is a great way to add weight at the top of your body, essential for right moment.

And yes, I do have an appropriate program, although if you’d like to send some suggestions i’d be delighted to have a look for you.

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