In the olympic Spirit? Part II

20 08 2008

After much controversey, the Tornados are nearly through their series at the Beijing Olympics.  As it turns out, the only boat to take the controversial new spinnaker out was the American boat.  Whilst all other boats were starting the races normally, lined up drifting below the startline, the US boat had three sails up, ready to blast over the top of the other hapless crews who wanted to “keep it real” rather than trying to win a medal at all costs.  The fools..

Anywho, the unfortunate and satisfyingly ironic result is that the Americans new “secret weapon” has been about as successful as a fat chick at Hooters.. and about as popular too..

Still, I do feel sorry for the Americans.  I guess this just shows that sometimes gamesmanship doesn’t work and you should try to win medals based on skill, not on kit.  I bet they are wondering what would happen if they had used their usual spinnaker..




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