New beginnings

4 11 2008

After 3 years in the 49er, Justin and I have realised that the amount of time we can dedicate to the 49er is not enough to make headway into the Gold fleet.  We’ve put the effort in, but with uni and work commitments it’s become obvious that 2 days a week sailing (generally only one day when the weather doesn’t behave) has limited the potential of our campaign. 

We were happy to keep going, until the price of the new rig was released.  Now, we all know how damn expensive the 49er is, but for the new mast, Main and now compulsory Jib (it’s slightly bigger) Ovington quoted us nearly £4,000 (which is a lot more than was originally suggested when we voted for the change).  When you consider that we would need training and racing equipment, it looked like we would have to spend 8k over 2009 just on rigging not including the other kit, travel, accomodation, entry, etc.  For two guys, one being a uni student and the other trying to build a business, we had no way of easily affording the costs for 2009, so have decided to put the campiagn on hold for a few years.

In the meantime, we have traded our 49ers for a brand spanking new RS800.  We wanted a boat similar to the 49er, without the huge expenses associated with it (the i14 is out, straight away).  The 800 seemed the perfect choice, and after unpacking her for the first time on Sunday we were sure about the decision.  You see, the new 800 is an absolute peach of a boat.  Every single aspect of the boat is superb, from build quality (which is unbelievable), to the top notch sail, full Harken kit and the fully carbon mast from Selden which is a sight for sore eyes (compared to the alloy bottom section of the 49er).

We’re both looking forward to campaigning the 800, and expect to be competitive fairly quickly (after any early teething problems).

Regarding the 49er campaign, we have both agreed to try to take up the campaign further down the line when we can afford it in terms of both time and money, but for the next few years (at least) we will be hitting the 800 pretty hard to see where we can get.

Images of our new 800








5 responses

4 11 2008

Whimping out u cant compare the 800 to a 49er

6 11 2008

The boat looks great, a lot cleaner layout than Ive seen on other 800s
National champions 2009? Good luck with it anyway!
Are you going to keep a Team Visser RS800 campaign blog?

7 11 2008

Hi Neil,

Yeah the boat is great. A lot smaller than the 49er, and there’s far less space up front for me, but overall it seems great to sail. I’ll write more posts after we have spent more time in it (we only had time for 30 minutes last weekend because we spent so much time pimping her out.

So the only thing changing about the campaign is the boat. We’re keeping the same training and fitness regime, and of course will continue with the blog. thanks for asking 🙂

10 11 2008

“Whimping out u cant compare the 800 to a 49er”

Are you suggesting the 49er is too difficult to sail for us? I suppose it’s easy to say that behind an anonomous name without leaving an email address. If you haven’t got the balls to leave a name so we know who you are then don’t comment at all.

Anyway, we’ve raced the 49er in 30kts of breeze many times. I think searching for a new challenge and a boat that is cheaper to sail is hardly whimping out. Go back to your 29er.

24 11 2008

sorry to hear you guys are leaving us for good you will be missed, your not the only ones that have put there boat up on the market since the full costs of purchacing a new rig have came out. they have just wacked a few hundred quid on jib and 250 on the kite, yes a new kite costs around £1200, when i first sailed them 8 yrs ago they cost £600, then again a new 49er back then cost 10k, i think they cost about 18K now!
We have sailed with the new rig for about 5 days now, they are only slightly faster but feel quite nice!
good luck in the 800 boys!

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