Don’t you just love the internet?

10 11 2008

I love the internet.  It’s incredible how complete strangers can meet and become friends, how entire businesses can be created and flourish, how every answer to every question you can think of is readily available without the need for a library, and how spotty pre-pubescent youths can send insults from their mum’s computer without any risk of retaliation.  It’s great.

So after the last post I wrote, I received an anoymous comment from one of these said youths:

Whimping out u cant compare the 800 to a 49er

Written by: .

Email address: a@a

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on your strong grasp of the English language and its rules on punctuation.  Nice one, moron.  Anyway, what really gets me on edge is the way you blatantly haven’t even read the post where I discuss the cost of running a 49er campaign and the limited amount of time we can put towards sailing it.  Rather than spending 10 minutes (or more likely 30 minutes judging by your level of literacy) reading the post, you have read the headline (slowly, tongue firmly sticking out of the corner of your mouth and, most likely, using your finger to help) and concluded that we found the boat too scary to sail.

Is this because you’ve sailed it before, or you are assuming it’s scary from all the pictures you have seen?  Now, I’m not going to try to prove anything to you, but surely you must be able to fathom that people may leave a class for reasons OTHER than being scared?  Maybe not, as that is why you are more than likely sailing 29ers and bricking it at the thought of jumping into a big boys boat.

Ever heard the word IRONY?  That’s what this is called, when someone brands someone else a coward from behind an anonymous name.  I’m sure you’re really brave so long as no one knows who you are, huh?

Right, I’m done.  Let me know if or when you start sailing 49ers and if you are still competing them after 4 years, fully self-funded.  If you are then fair play, well done.  But for us, we would prefer to not spend every penny of our money on yet another broken bit of kit, new set of sails, 6 weeks of hotel accomodation or overpriced entry fee.  After 4 years in the boat for me and 3 for Justin, the 800 is a cheaper alternative and a new challenge.

Finally, if you want to comment on the blog again, be my guest.  We are happy to answer any questions (I even email the reader back with my reply and to say thanks), will reply to all comments and even accept abuse so long as you have the balls to leave a name and address.  Quite frankly, it’s obvious that you are a complete wuss as you can’t leave a name with your abuse.  Nice one kid.




2 responses

24 11 2008

wimpy mc wimpy

25 11 2008

You are such a girl. I could have spammed your comment, but I decided to approve it just to show everyone how much a complute ballerina you are. Congratulations for not having the guts to leave a name. Go on, I dare you.

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