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25 11 2008

To be successful in the world of blogging, you need to be part of the wider community (or so I’m told, by the community).  For this reason, I’ve decided to play along with my good mate Colin who I used to work with (before seeing sense) and answer a few questions that are pinging around the world of blogging.  Basically, you answer the damn questions and then select some other sucker to do it.  Here’s the original post from Colin (Side note: Colin received the award of “Most tenacious Musker-hound” in the 2007 company football awards.  He has astoundingly good facial hair which I’m not the slightest bit jealous of…)

Well, it’s about time I man it up and get it over with.  Here goes..*deep breath*

Top three non-work websites: (Not sure if this is “non-work” I.e. Don’t let the boss catch you, or “non-work” as in “doesn’t work what-so-ever”, so I’ve covered both areas…))

1: Dailysail.com (I lamely return every day hoping for more updates.  Alas, my joy is rare..)

2: SailX.com (Formerly Tacticat.  Nothing winds me up more than being penalised by a snotty nosed Aussie with the sailing experience of a hydrophobic desert Elephant.. It’s a love hate relationship)

3: Madox.xmission.com (AKA the Best Page in the Universe.  Again, very rarely updated, but so funny and angry that I can read for hours)

Special mention: Umm.. What?! for the huge tangents and general feeling of complete loss of bodily control.  A bit like falling down the stairs in slow motion, but in a good way..?  Oh, and she’s hot.

It's harder than it looks. And it looks hard

SailX: It's harder than it looks... And it looks hard

Cocktail of choice

1: Beer (of course)

2: Beer (just in case you misheard the first one)

3: Rum on ice (My seafaring ancestors would kick my arse if I didn’t mention Rum…  I assume..)

Top three Karaoke songs (I doubt these are on many jukebox play lists..)

1: “Fear on the bridge” by 3 inches of blood (“Nothing can ever cure your thirst except for rum and Gold..”  A good old fashioned Pirate themed thrash metal song)

2: “When you were young” by the Killers (the only song in the entire world that I can actually sing. This includes “Happy Birthday”..)

3: “Go your own way” by Fleetwood Mac.  Just for the epic chorus and general 70’s feel.

Special mention:  Beezleboss by Tenacious D.  Purely and simply for the line (Sung by Dave Grohl as the Devil) “I’m the Devil I love Metal. Check this riff it’s f*****g tasty.!”


Ok, that wraps it up.  I now need to pick three bloggers to give this a shot:

Patrick @ www.celebrityscraps.wordpress.com

Lesley @ Um..What?!

Shaka @ Shakamovies.blogspot.com



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26 11 2008
Silver » Blog Archive » Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs

[…] Tag, you’re it.. « Visser 49er racing team […]

11 02 2009

visser ned i thought that might be u on sailx

12 02 2009

Not me. Visser is a very common Dutch name. I’m ryanV49er on SailX, although I’ve been away for a long time as I got sick and tired of shouting at everyone. I’ve never sailed with so many cheats in my life (except in the 49er 😀 )

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