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9 01 2009

We’ve recently looked through or kit store and have found many bits of kit and sailing clothing that we’d like to sell.  Over the next few days I’ll put up some pictures of what we have, but for now I’ll quickly list it all:

– Firstly, we have an almost new, pristine 49er kite in light blue.  This kite was used for Kiel Week, and that’s it.  Very good condition.  We’re selling it for £780, which is a bargain considering the price of Ovington kites is now up to £1075, and is set to rise again, so it may be a good idea to buy a nearly new kite for a much lower price.

– 2 very good condition (nearly new) Gul Breathable Drysuits.  Size medium and large adult

– Bouyancy aids, ranging from brand new to well used, all sizes.

-Trapeze harnesses, sized from kids up to large adults

-Thermals, medium adults

– Kids shorty wetsuit, light use

– Adults wetsuits

And a tonne of other stuff.  Due to our campaigns we have been given a load of kit from various sponsors that all get lightly used before the next load arrives, so if you have any requirements then please let me know.  I’m sure we have it!




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12 10 2009

A friend of mine just purchased a starter 49er. We live in Miami, Fl and have begun training for the miami OCR. We are the only 49er down here, but are approaching training as serious as possible. He is helm and i am crew. We have alot of work ahead of us, including stocking up on the proper gear. Right now i am using a borrowed magic marine harness that is terrible. Too many adjustment points, too much shit that can get caught, and way too uncomfortable. I am looking for a nice trap harness to fit my needs. I have done some research and have decided to go with a nappy style harness. Right now i am looking at three different harnesses, The spinnaker shop harness, Banks, and the new Zhik. Funds are limited but i do understand the benefits of quality. Do you have any harnesses for sale? I am 6′ tall 185 lbs. size 36 waist. Or can you recommend one that would be specific to sailing 49er? I really need to get a new harness ASAP.

Thanks for your help. Your forum is a great source for skiff sailing info.

19 10 2009

Get the banks. i know the Zhik one is pretty complicated to put on and a bit annoying, but the bankjs is as simple as they come, you can get in and out nice and easily and is nice and comfortable. you don’t need anything super comfortable as we only have short races, short beats and runs, and lots of activity between, so you don’t need anything fancy or over padded.

Get the banks one, I’ve used it for ages, it’s fairly cheap, nice and hard wearing and looks pretty good too. 🙂

22 12 2009
tom bruton

after the recent cold spell, ive decided to invest in a drysuit, how much are yours going for?

tom bruton

23 12 2009

The Gul one (my personal favourite) is £100. It’s breathable, has internal braces, covered seals, and is super comfortable. I’m 5’11” but it can fit up to around 6’1″ and down to about 5’8″ due to the braces.

5 03 2010

Hi we are interesteed in the 49 er spinnaker. How much do you want for it and would you be able to bring it to the dinghy exhibition tomorrow?

9 07 2012
Stephen Homewood

Do you still have the kite for sale???

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