America’s Cup shenanigans

11 02 2009

Is anyone else sick and tired of waiting for Alinghi and BMW Oracle to sort things out in the courts?  They’ve been arguing over the rules for far too long.  I know it goes a lot deeper than this, but I’m starting to think the America’s cup has been flawed since the start.  Basically (very basically), the winning team has the rights to change the rules so long as they have a few sailing clubs to back up their decision.  Alinghi invented a club to allow them to push a set of ridiculous rules through that are unsportsmanlike and completely unfair for the other competitors, and court cases ensued.


I don’t want to discuss why all of this has happened, I quite frankly I don’t really care.  All I know is that it’s about time that Alinghi took a step back and stopped trying to ensure their victory before racing even begins, and start to wonder what state the competition will be like if they do indeed ever get to sail in it again.  If they manage to win the next cup, it’s going to feel so cheap that I imagine not many people would give them credit for the victory.  Is that .worth the time, effort and money? I don’t think so, and I hope they realise this sometime soon.

Oh, and yes, I used the word “shenanigans”.  I’m starting a campaign to bring it back.  I’ve had little success so far…




2 responses

11 02 2009

Shenanigans is a great word. Did it ever go away? I use it all the time.

11 02 2009

Then you’re a braver man then me 🙂

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