Getting back on the horse (And training in Stokes Bay)

10 06 2009

Yeah I know, my blogging over the last few months has left much to be desired, so I’ve decided to make up for it with a concerted effort over the next few months.  With a number of events in the RS800, I hope to have a fair bit of content to talk about.  The last few months have pretty much just been training, and unlike in the 49er, the 800 doesn’t give you a whole load of stories to tell unless it is really blowing hard. So, to avoid boring you all to death I decided to leave the blogging until we had something to say.

Well, We were meant to race in Weymouth a few weekends ago, but the van decided to break down on the way there, so we retreated to Lymington (after packing the boat up at 11pm on Friday night) to unpack and get two days sailing in. But, with a bit of luck we will be in Stokes bay this weekend for racing so I’ll write an update then.

Training last weekend was good. We took part in Spod’s class association training day on Saturday and then fleet racing on Sunday. The highlight of Saturday was either trying to skewer Spod on the end of our pole when we went for a 20 knot gybe-pop-gybe-drop around his stationary RIB. We mis-judged the second gybe and left it a bit late. Still, we were awarded a score of 10/10 for the bail out, so that was nice. A close second to this was bearing-away in big breeze in the mouth of Portsmouth harbour, diving down a rather large wave (I admit to casually mentioning the F word about 3 times on the way down, it was that big a wave)  before slamming into the one in front. The whole boat stood on it’s nose, but crazily, popped back up without flipping over. Man, if that was the 49er we would have landed somewhere in Berkshire…




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18 06 2009

Hey great blog, loving it.

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