Online sailing

20 10 2009

I get a lot of traffic to this site searching for online sailing games. I’ve decided to help these people out by giving a round up of some fantastic online sailing games.  Ok, they don’t replace the real thing, but when you’re stuck at work and have nothing better to do than stare out of the window, then maybe it’s time to give one of these a shot.

SailX is probably the most popular option.  Whilst at first look it seems pretty boring, when you scratch the surface you’ll find a smooth running, highly complex sailing simulation that covers most aspects of our sport. If you’re into laser sailing, you’re in the right place.  29er’s your thing? then they have you covered. How about keel boats? Yep, all in there.

Quite simply, you have a startline, windward – leeward course and 3 minute count down.  With multiple human players taking part, it gets pretty competitive but there’s nothing better than winning the startline, crossing the fleet and rounding the windward mark first.  SailX is a definite must try.  Give it a shot at

Online sailing with SailX

Online sailing with SailX

If you’re looking for something a bit more realistic, take a look at Virtual Skipper. My favourite version is VR1, brought out quite a few years ago.  It’s a fully 3D keelboat racing simulator and is a great way to get a bit of a sailingfix at home.  You can play online against other sailors, race the computer, compete in regattas and generally have a bit of fun on the water.  Take a look at the Virtual Skipper world here:

Virtual Skipper online sailing game




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