No wind in Grafham?

5 11 2007

So Friday night, after checking the weather forecasts non-stop, we decided to call off the event in Grafham due to a bad, light wind forecast. Instead, we headed down to Lymington Royal Yacht Club to get some training in the stronger winds forecasted down south. We managed a decent 2 hour session on Saturday, followed by a gym session and boat prep on Sunday. Included in our boat prep was the building of a camera mount to allow us to film some crash and burn 49er sailing, which we will have to start filming this weekend coming.

So it turns out that there was zero wind on Sunday, and only five knots on Saturday, which is practically nothing. Our call to train in the stronger Southampton breeze was the right one, and we ended up having a very productive weekend.
[edit] Ok, pictures in from the weekends (or single day) racing at Grafham suggest that there was virtually no wind. This is a shot of a B14:No wind at Grafham