The Battle of Kiel

1 07 2008

So our first night in Kiel turned into a bit of a crazy time. This was 4 days before the first day of racing, so we decided to go out with the other Brits en masse for a few beers and a catch-up.

In the middle of the sailing centre was a huge tent with bars, lounge area, and a big stage for gigs. There was a pretty good German cover band playing, which pulled in some big crowds. I was standing up front with Jus, listening to the band cover “Nothing else matters” by Metallica. Although it was a chilled out moment, there was a group of about 5 Germans moshing away and smashing into us and the guys around us. After a few big bumps, a German chav turned round thinking it was us, and pushed Jus looking for a fight. Jus wasn’t going to take this from a Jerrie, so he stood his ground and pushed him back. Now, I’m not one to get into fights and I generally hate confontation, but if anyone ever looks like he’s going to swing at my little bro, I’m always going to step in. So I push my way up to this guy and tell him to back off in my best German (“Achtung, Back off Fritz…”). Suddenly without warning, some guy standing next to me punches me in the side of the head, twice. What looked like a little bit of agro suddenly turned into a full scale brawl. I spun round and smashed the guy in the face, dropping him to the floor, as 6 German chavs piled in throwing punches at Jus and me. After a few seconds of ducking and counter punching (Jus ducked a punch from the first German, countering with a sweet right hook to Fritz eye) as we hastily tried to get out of the way, Matt Gotterel (know as Shrek), Simon Marks and a few other Brits jumped between us and the mob to take the pressure. To add to the mix, some German 420 sailors we were camping with jumped in on our side to defend us. Everything quickly calmed down as more brits and a few Germans jumped in to even things up, with the chavs deciding it was a bad idea to continue and left.

The whole thing lasted only about 10 seconds, but we were all pretty shocked at how quickly it all kicked off. These guys were there to pick a fight, and took the first opportunity they could find. Luckily no-one we knew was badly hurt, although Jus got a black eye and lost his Aviators and one of our German friends was taken to hospital with a cut chin. I guess it’s just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’m glad to say that the chavs came off worse. Hopefully that’ll teach them a lesson not to start fights in clubs, but to be honest you’d think they would have learnt from history (if they actually went to school) what happens when they pick a fight with the English.

Ready for Kiel

19 06 2008

So the boat’s packed up, van’s loaded and full of diesel (only £120 worth.  Bloody tax) and ready to go.  I’ve even packed my cricket bat to let me continue to practice the new Kevin Pietersen reverse pull shot (only to get promptly hit in the nuts).

It’s only a 7 and a half hour drive from Calais, and my Dad’s kindly offered to come along for the drive to hang out with the boys.  It’ll be great to see him as I don’t get to catch up with him much these days.  I’m sure he’ll help time fly by with endless stories of sailing around Cape Town, doing the crazy boat stuff they used to (generally involving sharks, BIG winds, waves, long distances, sharks, lobster diving and a healthy dosage of shark).  Either way, it’ll be great to have a second driver, even if he does continually remind me to keep two hands on the wheel and not to shout at other drivers because they are French…

Next stop, ze Germans..