Optimise your training program

16 04 2008

I was just thinking today about our training program.  Unlike many sports, in sailing it’s difficult  concentrate on just one skill during a practice session.  When I played rugby at school, I spent hours kicking ball after ball into touch, first on my right foot, then on my left foot.  This allowed me to really concentrate on one skill and improve it a little bit each time.  In sailing, it’s rare to be able to practice just one skill (such as a port to starboard tack) without having to break it up with other skills (starboard to port tacks, bear aways, downwind rides etc) to get back to the skill.

This got me thinking.  How does everyone else manage their practices to cover skills that need working on?  Does anyone actually optimise their training to improve on issues from the last session? Do we spend enough time practising individual skills, or just end up practising everything in one session?

Let me know your practice routines and I’ll see where you can improve.  I’m a firm believer that the key to a top class sportsman is not how he or she performs on the day, but how they perform every day, in practices, in the gym, on rest days and on competition days.  If I can add anything to your training regime, I’ll let you know 🙂

Tips and advice

2 11 2007

Hi guys,

We’ve recently recieved a fair few questions regarding sailing techniques, gear issues etc.  We just wanted to say that, if you have any questions regarding 49er and 29er sailing, then feel free to ask away.  We’ve both campaigned skiffs to the highest level, with Jus winning the 29er Youth Worlds in 2005, and are more than willing to help with any questions you have.  Furthermore, I’ve got a degree in Sports Science, so if you have any fitness and workout related questions, then fire away!


Team Visser